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25 Mar 2014
Hi Jim. Thanks for the good luck message. We'll hopefully sort some kind of reunion match for the end of the season.
25 Mar 2014
Wishing both teams A and B all the best for the season run in and to ask the question: will there be an old boys reunion match this year?
15 Sep 2013
Gents, good results all round today. First point for the newly formed 'B' team and a goal rush for the 'A' team. See you at training. Cairney
28 Feb 2013
Thought i would leave a message as i havent been down for a very long time now and just wishing you all the best for this season and the future will always follow fanzines and there success.
19 Nov 2012
Chairman Andy
From this week's press report - 'Steve Connor could have salvaged an undeserved point for Fanzines but his late effort played pac man with the bar and post.' Not sure who sent the report through to Adrian but don't be too harsh on yourselves. The first half may have been poor but if you dominate the second for large parts like you did then you deserve a point. Keep going fellas, form is temporary but class is permanent.
06 Nov 2012
Kip, once again you have been too kind in your match report. Ian was sh#t would have been much more accurate. Also, Saddam is his real name.....I kid you not!
05 Nov 2012
Chairman Andy
Thanks for the excellent report Kip, almost makes up for me not being there (sorry). Sounds like the boys did you proud.
04 Nov 2012
Claire, don't count on it being a good night! Great effort today from everyone. I really appreciate the commitment and endeavour. Shame my first (and last) attempt of managing a team ended in defeat.
27 Oct 2012
Count me in on the night out if girls are allowed. Could do with a good blow out afte not drinking since March.
24 Oct 2012
You can count if you want Andy, but so far there's only three of us.
22 Oct 2012
Chairman Andy
I'm in. Do I count?
21 Oct 2012
Not sure if agreeing to this after a couple of beers and three hours sleep is a good idea, but yes... I'll do it. Dan Wray I'm sure could be persuaded so could Mr Broughton.. And we need a Christmas night out sorting
21 Oct 2012
Seriously now, is anyone going to do Movember?
19 Oct 2012
Gents.... I've gotten around to updating the all time appearances stat tab. They are now bang up to date. Of note is Mr Whittaker who is now nearing his 200th appearance....
18 Oct 2012
Cheers Rich, it should be a good one.
17 Oct 2012
Rich ( New Ravo)
Looking forward to Sundays game! Both teams look in good form! Should make for a good game!
17 Oct 2012
Rich Morgan
Looking forward to Sundays game! Both teams look in good form! Should make for a good game!
12 Oct 2012
I thought he was rather good Sunday Mr Adjudicator :)
11 Oct 2012
30 Sep 2012
Gaffer needs a new profile pic.
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